The Battle of Los Angeles, California marks the final battle of the Transformers Revolution era of the ROBLOX Roleplay. In it, the Autobots face Pyrotron and the Decepticons for the last time while trying to protect the local population of LA, California.


Preparing for BattleEdit

"Pyrotron is going to attack a city with a 9,489 percent population!" —Sonar discovers the location of Pyrotron's next assault.

On Cybertron, Speedimus Prime answers an emergency transmission from Goldbug, who is planning on informing the Autobot Leader about Agent's sudden attack on the Autobots. Speedimus, however, informs Goldbug that there are more important matters to attend to. There has been a large amount of Decepticon activity near Earth, and it is suspected that they are returning to Earth. Sonar attempts to hack Decepticon communications and figure out what the Decepticons are planning. Speedimus and Goldbug are both shocked when Sonar reveals that Pyrotron is planning to attack Los Angeles, California, which happens to have a population of 9,489 people. Worse, Pyrotron is using Deltrax. Speedimus informs Goldbug that he will be joining them on Earth and ends the transmission. Speedimus then requests a jetpack prototype from Yats, who goes to retrieve but, but informs Prime that he will be accompanying him back.

On Earth, Goldbug rallies the Autobots to meet the Decepticons at Los Angeles. However, Darkblade has already launched his attack on the city, his plan to make Olivia suffer. Because her parents and siblings are in the city, Olivia Holt goes on ahead with Leo Howard to evacuate her family before it's too late.

Battle of Los AngelesEdit

"Step away from my Weapon of Mass Destruction, Autobot." -Pyrotron orders Speedimus away from Deltrax.

Olivia arrives outside Los Angeles and orders Leo to remain outside the city while she gets her family. Hound and Steelfoot arrive moments later and find out from Leo where Olivia went. Hound orders Steelfoot to get Leo to safety while he helps with the evacuation. Meanwhile, Olivia engages Darkblade outside the Holt residence. The Decepticons arrive inside Deltrax and the Guardian transforms to Robot Mode, unleashing his power to topple a skyscraper. Speedimus Prime and Yats arrive on the scene; Speedimus uses the Magnus Hammer to throw Deltrax away from the city. Pyrotron himself arrives and orders the Prime to step away from his weapon of mass destruction. The two Transformers then engage in a battle above the city.

Goldbug and Hound proceed to evac the Humans, and they contemplate a way to get inside Deltrax and free him from Lugnut's control. Steelfoot arrives with Leo Howard, who says he has a plan for getting inside. Speedimus and Pyrotron continue their battle, which brings them into a factory for the next phase of their battle. Darkblade and Olivia continue their battle near the Holt residence while Blitzwing ambushes the Autobots, taking down Hound and pinning down Goldbug. Yats arrives on the scene in time to help take down Blitzwing, and Steelfoot deduces a plan to draw the AllSpark into the city, as it may be the only way to save Los Angeles from destruction.

The United States Army arrives to reinforce the Autobots. Darkblade uses his ancient artifact to build up his Army, but it is soon destroyed when Olivia blasts it directly, causing all of Darkblade's created Decepticons to run out of power and fall. Enraged, Darkblade attacks Olivia and subdues her, but the appearance of Wingsworth allows Olivia to turn the tide of the battle and defeat her nemesis. Wingsworth then attempts to destroy every house on the block, but Olivia intercepts him and eventually slaps a pair of stasis-cuffs on him.

Agent soon arrives on the battlefield, much to Hound's surprise. Hound has lost his trust in Agent since the attack, but Agent says he lost sight of things and has come to help save the city. Learning of Leo's plan and then what Steelfoot plans to do, Agent chooses to assist Steelfoot while providing a dimensional portal device for the Autobots who will enter the Guardian that is advancing on the city. When Blazewing and his Purges swoop down on the city, and threaten the lives of the humans, Leo Howard takes up action, using some devices Wheeljack had created many years before, during the Battle of Chicago. Blazewing attempts to end Leo's life, but ends up being the one destroyed when a Boomstick is lodged into his neck.

A Heroic SacrificeEdit

"Steelfoot, no! We can find another way!" -Agent on Steelfoot's plan to sacrifice himself.

Agent meets up with Steelfoot at one of the city's highest points, where Steelfoot proceeds to use a method Olivia taught him called Mind-Over-Matter to summon the AllSpark and any lose fragments. When they realize the AllSpark isn't strong enough to generate a field around the city, Steelfoot resolves to sacrifice his own Spark to give the AllSpark the power boost. Agent tries to pursuade him, saying they can find another way. Regardless, Steelfoot lifts up to the AllSpark and with a final smile directed at Agent, his Spark joins the AllSpark.

Agent catches the lifeless Autobot in his arms as the body falls, and the AllSpark releases a shield big enough to cover the entire city. Meanwhile, Hound, Xalos and Goldbug manage to subdue Soundwave and force them to open a Space Bridge into Deltrax.

The ShowdownEdit

"I may not be able to complete my plans, but at least I'll have the satisfaction of destroying you, Speedimus Prime!" —Pyrotron to Speedimus.

Speedimus Prime continues to battle Pyrotron in the factory, and Olivia radios him to tell him that all the Humans, her family included, have been evacuated safely. Pyrotron attempts to slay Speedimus, continuously mocking him by referring to him as "Autobot" despite Speedimus informing him that his name is Speedimus Prime. The two leaders continue to battle valiantly through the factory, and eventually end up on the street when Olivia arrives to help out. The two Autobots drive Pyrotron back, the battle leading them back to the sky.

iTaB meanwhile, discovers an ancient Artifact which he approaches and when it activates, a beacon is sent out, summoning all Transformers back home.

Working together, the Autobot team manages to overpower Wrathclonus and Lugnut inside Deltrax, and allow the Guardian to regain control over himself. With the city no longer threatened, the AllSpark releases the shield. Pyrotron pins Speedimus against a section of the shield, going on about how he might've been unable to complete his original plans, but that he'd at least have the satisfaction of destroying Speedimus Prime, Leader of the Autobots. Speedimus is pushed through the shield and as the remnants of the shield ruptures, Pyrotron is temporarily knocked out of the battle.


"That's the easy way out, Pyrotron. You don't deserve it." —Speedimus Prime to Pyrotron.

The other Autobots assemble at Speedimus' position, Deltrax and the Army as well. Agent walks forward carrying the body of Steelfoot. He reports that Steelfoot sacrificed himself to save them all. Speedimus approaches the body with a saddened "No..." only for Pyrotron to reappear and continuously blast Speedimus Prime with his particle cannon, determined now more than ever to extinguish Speedimus' Spark once and for all. Yats uses his magnet clamps to throw the Magnus Hammer to Speedimus, who in turn uses it to overpower Pyrotron.

The Magnus Hammer posed to come down on top of him, Pyrotron asks Speedimus why he waits, and tells him to finish this for good. Speedimus brings the Magnus Hammer down, but just to the side of Pyrotron's head. Speedimus remarks that killing him would be the easy way out, and states that Pyrotron doesn't deserve it, slapping a pair of stasis-cuffs on him. The Autobots and the Humans celebrate the victory over the Decepticons, despite the loss they have sustained.

Returning to Cybertron for StasisEdit

"Earth has always been our home. For the longest time we have stayed and defended its human race. And though we have lost many, either to the Decepticons or to the Humans, we have thrived, and have learned to call Earth home. While we may be leaving now, we will eventually return." —Speedimus makes one last speech.

Sonar contacts the Autobots to tell them of the emergency beacon calling them home for emergency stasis. Speedimus then addresses all present, transmitting his speech across the planet. He deems that Earth has always been their home, and that they have stayed and defended the humans. He laments about how they have learned to call Earth home despite the fact that they have lost many of their own to either the Decepticons or the Humans and that they continue to thrive. He then says that while they might be leaving Earth now, he believes they will eventually return.

Agent Fowler gives them a proper farewell, and the Autobots bid farewell to all their Human Allies they had gained over the years. Olivia Holt bids farewell to her family and to Leo Howard. She says she will never forget them, and they in turn won't ever forget her. The Autobots then board Deltrax with their Decepticon prisoners and travel back home to Cybertron. Once there, they are surprised by the appearance of many more Transformers, Megatron amongst them, and all the Cybertronians cheer when the Autobots emerge with their Decepticon prisoners and their fallen comrade.

The cheering is even bigger when Deltrax transforms. The Autobots force their prisoners into stasis, and then themselves enter stasis. Cybertron itself begins to power down, slowly disappearaing from space and from reality all together. A single red Spark flashes in Cybertron's orbit, possibly the Spark of Optimus Prime himself, implying that they will return one day.



  • ObiWan6251sALT as Speedimus Prime
  • GvMSkylarLewis as Olivia Holt
  • Shadowdino as Yats
  • Mactray as Agent
  • TFOverlord as Zeronos
  • TF4Bumblebee as Goldbug
  • TFPXalos as Skystorm
  • AoEHound as Hound
  • AutobotSteelfoot as Steelfoot
  • GrimlockAoE as Grimlock
  • TFPDeltrax as Deltrax


  • TFRBlazorwrath as Pyrotron
  • AoEStinger as Wrathclonus
  • Compustrike as Soundwave
  • TFRBreakmark as Blazewing
  • BlitzwingtheCon as Blitzwing
  • AnimatedLugnut as Lugnut
  • Shadowdino as Darkblade & iTaB
  • TFRWingsworth as Wingsworth
  • LieutenantStarscream as Starscream
  • VadersApprentice22 as Nightmare
  • TFOutcast as Outcast


  • Leo Howard as himself
  • Kim Holt as herself
  • Mark Holt as himself
  • Cade Holt as himself
  • Morgan Holt as herself
  • Agent Fowler as himself
  • Epps as himself
  • Lennox as himself
  • Sam Witwicky as himself
  • Judy Witwicky as herself
  • Ron Witwicky as herself
  • Mikaela Banes as herself
  • Carly Spencer as herself
  • Cade Yeager as himself
  • Tessa Yeager as herself
  • Shane Dyson as himself
  • Joshua Joyce as himself

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • This is the second time Olivia Holt confronts her nemesis, Darkblade.
  • This marks one of the final battles between Speedimus Prime and Pyrotron.
  • This marks the final appearance of NEST members Lennox and Epps.
  • Olivia's human family is introduced for the first time ever.
    • This would also be the last time her family is ever introduced in the RP, as they are confirmed long dead by Transformers Frontier.
  • Leo Howard kills his first Decepticon in this battle.
  • Steelfoot is killed off.
  • All of the Autobots' previous human friends make a brief cameo at the end of the battle.