Return of the Dark Spark is a sub-story that takes place during the Battle of Los Angeles, California. In it, Outcast makes a deal with Starscream to destroy the Overlord Zeronos by granting Starscream the legendary Dark Spark, which had been recovered at an earlier time.

Plot Edit

Making a Deal Edit

"The antithesis to the Autobot Matrix of Leadership, though it allows its user, potentially YOU, to bend the very fabric of the Universe and its inhabitants to his will." —Outcast to Starscream regarding the Dark Spark.

While the Autobots clash with the Decepticons for the last time in Los Angeles, California, the exiled Dimension Guardian known as Outcast visits Starscream to make a deal with him. Outcast tells Starscream of the Dark Spark, which had been recovered by Agent when Blazorwrath had possessed it at an earlier time. Agent wants Starscream to help him destroy the Overlord Zeronos, but Starscream says he will need the Dark Spark to give him the edge.

Outcast says that Starscream needs to give him a nanocycle to retrieve it before entering a dimensional portal. Unbeknownst to Outcast, Starscream secretly plans to betray Outcast at a specific point and manipulate him into serving him with the power of the Dark Spark. This is part of Starscream's plan to usurp Pyrotron and command the Decepticons himself.

Possessing the Dark Spark Edit

"I never imagined the Dark Spark was this powerful!" —Starscream wields the Dark Spark's power.

Outcast returns to Starscream's base shortly after Olivia Holt has beaten Darkblade and destroyed the Decepticon's artifact. Starscream takes the Dark Spark from Outcast and inserts it into his chest, mirroring the way Speedimus held the Matrix. Upon doing so, the power of the ancient artifact empowered Starscream with powers that he never imagined.

The energy released from the Dark Spark alerted Agent and Garren, who immediately sprung into action. Using the power from his new source, Starscream empowered his clones with small fragments from the Dark Spark. Outcast reminded Starscream of their deal, and Starscream told him that in order to best Zeronos, they would have to defeat his warriors: in this case, Agent and Garren.

When asked if the two Guardians would come, Starscream responded that he knew they would come because of the energy given from the Dark Spark's return to this universe.

The Trap and Ambush Edit

"Starscream, Outcast! We know you're here! Surrender the Dark Spark and come quietly!" —Agent offers his opponents a chance to surrender.

Agent and Garren soon arrive at Starscream's base after Steelfoot has made a noble sacrifice. Agent is willing to give Starscream and Outcast a chance to turn in the Dark Spark and surrender quietly. However, Starscream mocks Agent's stupidity from hiding, commenting how Agent's arrogance in attacking the Autobots and disobeying his leader will result in the demise of Zeronos.

Against Garren's protests, Agent prepares to set a bomb to destroy the base, but is stopped when Outcast appears through a dimensional portal and slams him through a wall. Starscream emerges from hiding, using the Dark Spark to gain control of Garren's mind and turn him back into the treacherous Ouja, whose first action is to attack Agent.

Outcast comments that Starscream transforming Garren back into Ouja was a nice move. Starscream explains that doing that had been part of his plans all along, before ordering Ouja to stand down, which he does without question. Agent curses Starscream for his treachery and attempts to fight back, but the power Starscream earned from unknown forces plus the power of the Dark Spark enable Starscream to easily beat Agent in a brief hand-to-hand battle.

Despite Agent's attempts to stop him, Starscream forces the Dimensional Guardian into a stasis pod, which he then uses the Dark Spark to send the stasis pod containing Agent into another universe's continuity. Starscream then orders Ouja to provide the location of Zeronos and commands the final attack to begin.

Facing Zeronos Edit

"Your soldiers have fallen, Zeronos. Agent, Garren, Turnip Altair... They are all defeated. And you're next on my list." —Outcast taunts Zeronos about defeat.

Called Back for Stasis Edit

"An Emergency Stasis beacon. It would seem this war has come to an end. The Dark Spark would surely be taken upon my own arrival. Ouja, keep hold of this ancient artifact until our return." —Starscream entrusts the Dark Spark's safety to Ouja.

Cast Edit

Decepticons Edit

  • LieutenantStarscream as Starscream
  • TFOutcast as Outcast

Dimensional Guardians Edit

  • Mactray as Agent
  • TFOuja as Garren & Ouja
  • TFOverlord as Zeronos

Notes and Trivia Edit

  • This marks the return of the Dark Spark, last seen when Blazorwrath had possessed it.
  • Garren is converted back to Ouja in this subplot.
    • Because of the Dark Spark, Ouja now serves Starscream without question, unlike he would have previously.
  • Agent is sent into another universe of Transformers after being defeated by Starscream, and that universe is the Generation One continuity.
  • Parts of this subplot happen during the Autobots' final battle with the Decepticons' in Los Angeles, California, such as Starscream and Outcast's battle with Zeronos taking place during Speedimus' final battle with Pyrotron.